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SPAD provides forensic engineering services, including building assessments and advice on remedial works to Government departments and agencies, local councils, homeowners and body corporates for single dwelling homes and multi-storey buildings. We also act as expert witness in legal cases.

We inspect and report on various building and structural defects. Our expert reports have been instrumental in resolving critical structural problems and legal issues related to structural defects. Paheer, Director of SPAD, has appeared as an expert witness at the NSW Land & Environment Court and NSW Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal. He has been called in to advise on fire-damaged, explosive-damaged buildings.

We have provided reports on structural defects to significant asset owners such as NSW Land & Housing Corporation, Presbyterian Aged Care, Baulkham Hills Shire Council, Commonwealth Bank, Marrickville Council, Rockdale Council, North Sydney Council, and numerous body corporates and strata for over 15 years. These reports identify the defects that give cause and provide practical solutions to rectify the issues.

Structural defects and damage to buildings can occur due to poor design and construction, weather events such as earthquakes, fire, storms, impact of trees, impact of sewer and water pipes and various other reasons. We inspect and assess damaged buildings and homes, prepare reports on the damage, advise on remedial works and provide expert witness for cases in the NSW Land & Environment Court and NSW Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal.

SPAD provides expert witness services, where the dispute is over the quality of building works, building performance or related services. The role of the expert witness is impartial, to assist the court.

Ideally, experts should be appointed by each side, with a similar brief and conduct similar investigations. The skill of the expert witness lies in his or her ability to assist the client without compromising his duty to the court or his professional ethics.