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SPAD Consulting Engineers provide structural engineering services in Sydney, to the residential, commercial, industrial, Government, community, education and aged care sectors.

Our services include drawings and specifications for the structural design of buildings ranging from simple home extensions to multi-storey apartments, commercial offices and industrial warehouses. We provide engineering reports, certificates and design verifications for new construction and renovations. Engineering reports and certificates are required by Council at various stages in the building’s project timeline.

Structural design advice covers footings and piling details for large buildings and machine foundations, particularly for heavy machinery. We have been consulted by Councils for advice on rehabilitation and remediation of retaining walls, such as those located in parks and recreational areas. Council projects include structural engineering for infrastructure such as footbridges or pedestrian bridges used over roads and creeks.

Clients in strata management, body corporate and the real estate sector seek SPAD Consulting’s advice on concrete cancer, building defects and other issues related to an apartment building’s structural integrity. Our services extend to providing expert witness in legal matters.

A building worked on by our structural engineers in Sydney

Today, building construction can choose from a number of different materials for its structural design. The most common materials used are concrete, steel, timber, masonry and aluminium. Common uses of concrete in structural design is within the floor and roof systems, using reinforced, pre-stressed/post-tensioned or precast concrete.

Structural steel design is popular with modern, sleek buildings, particularly as steel can provide an architectural design element in addition to the stability.

Structural engineering advice can extend to establishing the integrity, safety and performance levels of other commonplace items such as solar panel frames, light and flag poles, safety bollards, park furniture, handrails, walkways, grating and debris control devices.

Our structural engineers in Sydney cover new constructions, renovations, extensions, remedial works and temporary works for residential homes, commercial/mixed-use and industrial buildings and other uses in the Government, education and aged care sectors.